Corsa has up to 4 million clean tons per year of processing plant capability at our three preparation plants, each with refuse disposal sites and rail loadouts.

Our Cambria Preparation Plant and our currently inactive Rockwood Preparation Plant have CSX loadouts, while our inactive Shade Creek Preparation Plant has an NS load out. In addition to washing all of our own production coal, Corsa may contract with third party coal miners to wash third party coals as part of our Value Added Services coal production and Toll Washing Services.

Our inactive Shade plant was primarily used for export blend shipments and truck business to domestic customers, whereas our Cambria plant is used for export shipments and truck and rail to domestic customers.

  Preparation Plant Throughput (Maximum)(1)
Plant TPH HPY Raw Tons Recovery Clean Tons
Shade Creek 450 7,980 3,591,000 50% 1,795,500
Cambria 325 7,980 2,593,500 50% 1,296,750
Rockwood 325 7,980 2,593,500 50% 1,296,750
Total     8,778,000   4,389,000
  1. Assumes 3 shifts, 8 hours/shift, 7 days/week, 50 weeks/year, 95% plant availability and 7,980/year