Corsa Coal is a pure play metallurgical coal producer with mines located in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, and Grantsville, Maryland.

Corsa mines, processes, and sells metallurgical coal for the global steel industry from both underground and surface mine operations. Our customers are domestic and international steel and coke producers. We produce high-quality, low volatile metallurgical coal that has strong coking properties, making it ideally suited for steelmakers.  We currently operate two preparation plant facilities in Somerset County, with load outs on both the Norfolk Southern and CSX railway lines, and are within close proximity to large steel production facilities in and around the Pittsburgh area. The Company currently has the operational capacity at our mines to produce over 1.6 million tons of coal per year, with processing capacity at our two operating plants in excess of 4.0 million, providing us room to grow our mining operations in the future.

The key to our successful coal producing operations are our experienced management team and employees. Each Corsa employee is expected to act and operate in line with Corsa’s Core Values day in and day out.

Corsa Core Values


Safety is paramount at Corsa Coal. Our employees returning home safely from each shift is our primary objective. Zero accidents are our goal. A commitment to safety is the driving force behind running a disciplined, efficient and productive operation.


Being fully responsible for your actions and those of your team. Owning the results. Never making excuses or blaming others.


Being fully emotionally invested in your role, pursuing goals and objectives with maximum effort and drive and taking pride in your work.


Producing outstanding work at every opportunity. Never settling, never compromising, never cutting corners, always being prepared and always improving.

Corsa Core Motto

EXCELLENCE IN ADVANCE means performing at a high level when planning your work, while performing your task and when following up. It means being prepared, creating outstanding results and always moving forward, whether that means advancing underground or advancing in your personal capabilities.