George G. Dethlefsen

Chief Executive Officer

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Kevin M. Harrigan

Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary

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Kenneth J. Lund

General Counsel and Vice President - Administration

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Larry Evans

Vice President, Business Development and Strategy

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Daniel M. Bonacci

Director of Finance and Financial Planning and Analysis

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Taylor G. Kennedy

Corporate Controller

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Northern Appalachia ("NAPP") Division


Peter V. Merritts


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Robert T. Bottegal

Vice President – Engineering


Bobby Bodenschatz

Director - Safety


Fred Cushmore

Vice President – Metallurgical Export Sales


Curt Mears

Manager - Preparation


Steve Meehan

Vice President – Sales


Rick Smith

Manager – Surface Operations


Betsy Wright

Manager – Human Resources


Central Appalachia ("CAPP") Division

Hunter Hobson – President
Hunter Hobson was appointed President of the Central Appalachia Division in April 2017. Mr. Hobson served as the Vice President of Sales for Kopper Glo Mining, a subsidiary of Corsa since 2014. Mr. Hobson has more than 12 years’ experience in the domestic, international and business development sectors of the coal industry. Prior to this, Mr. Hobson was the Director of Sales at Smoky Mountain Coal Corporation. Mr. Hobson has sat on numerous coal industry association boards and he is the current Chairman of the Tennessee Mining Association. Mr. Hobson received his Bachelor of Administration in Advertising from the University of Tennessee.

Jason A. Prater – Vice President and Controller
Jason A. Prater was appointed Vice President and Controller of Kopper Glo Mining in March 2016. Mr. Prater served as the Controller for Kopper Glo Mining since March 2013. Previously, Mr. Prater worked in the mining industry for seven years. Mr. Prater is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Berea College and a Masters of Business Administration from Morehead State University.

Ronald Helton – Vice President - Operations
Ronald Helton has served as Manager of Underground and Highwall Mining of Kopper Glo Mining since April 2010. Mr. Helton has more than 30 years of experience in Central Appalachian underground coal mining and has held positions such as Mechanic, Electrician, Section Foreman, and Operations Manager for Ikerd Coal, Transco Energy, and James River.

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