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Corsa Coal Corp. (TSX-V:CSO) is in the business of mining, processing and selling metallurgical and thermal coal, as well as actively exploring acquiring and developing resource properties that are consistent with its existing coal business. The Company operates two divisions, Kopper Glo and Wilson Creek.

Kopper Glo

Kopper Glo, with a 55-year operating history, is based in Knoxville, Tennessee and produces and sells high BTU, low and mid sulfur thermal coal used in power, industrial and specialty applications from its mines in the Central Appalachian coal belt. Kopper Glo has mines and projects with an aggregate area of up to approximately 20,104 acres located in Claiborne and Campbell Counties in Tennessee. The current production is from two contour surface mines and one underground mine and is processed through the Kopper Glo preparation plant. The current sales are to domestic utilities and industries.

Wilson Creek

Wilson Creek, with a three year operating history, is based in Somerset, Pennsylvania and focuses on the mining of metallurgical coal. The current production is from contour surface and underground mines and is processed through the Wilson Creek preparation plant. Wilson Creek produces a unique low pressure, low volatile metallurgical coal product which is sold to steel companies and merchant batteries for its necessary use in the production of coke. The coke produced is utilized in the production of steel that is ultimately used in various end user applications. The current sales are to domestic and international steel producers.    

If you have questions, or want to discuss our plans for growing the Company, please call Paul Caldwell at 416.214.9800 or email communication@corsacoal.com

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